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We provide business coaching for owners to become the leaders their business needs them to be.  We provide Executive Coaching to develop leaders in your business so that it does not depend on you.  You can expect your coach to care about you, your life, and your business, to have business acumen, and to challenge you and hold you accountable to achieve the vision you have for your business and your life.


Two business coaching programs are available designed to meet your needs depending on the size of your business.  Inspired Success Coaching for an emerging business.  EMyth Business Coaching for established businesses.  Established businesses benefit from having access to the EMyth Business Development Systems.

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Systems are an essential component of every successful business.  Systems run a business producing consistent, expected, and high-quality results each and every time. Workflow management provides reliable outcomes and efficiencies.  Every company wants operations intelligence - systems that work.


In the role of a systems consultant, I will develop a systems strategy with you, design systems with you and your staff then install the systems in your business. Having systems in place change everything.


"For the past year and a half, I have had the great pleasure and honor to work with Kay to grow my business and myself. During this time, my revenue has increased by 30%, and I have done it working fewer hours and having a better time. All of these were goals I established when I started working with Kay.  Another goal I achieved with Kay's help was landing a client at my dream company."  Anna Scott, Anna Scott Consulting.

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